Fw: yay found some nice stuff
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Salvatore Stockton
2017-09-24 17:14:35 UTC
Dear friend!

I am looking for a few stuff and unintentionally found these nice things, just take a look http://www.justmeetup.in/steal.php?UE91Y2xpbnV4LWRldkB1Y2xpbnV4Lm9yZw--

Sincerely, Salvatore Stockton

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I've had success with levi 508s. They're a discounted model but you can still find them on amazon. I've tried out a lot of jeans and those are the only model that I can fit my thighs into and yet it tapers down nice and slim below the knee.

If your thigh are really really big then go for the 541s. I found the 541s to be significantly more baggy than 508s tho.

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