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Dude underwear and socks are not buy it for life. I wear exofficio boxers and darn tough socks because I am a backpacker. You need to buy things like underwear and socks every few years. Just because they are durable does not mean you should wear the same underwear for 15 years. I know it's hard to stomach for a lot of people on this forum but certain things should just not be BIFL items. after all you would not be wearing those dreaded mc hammer parachute pants from the 90's just because they are still in one piece.

You picked up some nice gear this year though! I use a ton of products from leatherman, maxpedition, exofficico, and darn tough. While I do think darn tough socks are the best socks made they are not buy it for life. I think I have worn holes in 3 pair so far. That's after thousands of miles hiking over the last few years though. If you talk to a few thru hikers from the PCT,AT and CDT they will tell you darn toughs will wear out. But they will also tell you they are the best socks ever made.

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