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A lack of sensors shouldn't make much difference. You can always see where the boarders are by watching to see which system they're attacking or which set of doors they're trying to break down (it will flash red).

It's always tough to fight a ship and boarders at the same time, especially when it's more than the usual set of two boarders. But, don't be so quick to run all your crew members away from boarders! If you let your crew engage the boarders for as long as possible while you wait for the oxygen to drain, then run them into the medbay, you can prevent damage to your systems. Then, you should be able to suffocate the boarders pretty quickly. Even a few seconds can help, and you can juggle crew members in and out of the medbay to make sure no one dies. You can also de-power your O2 system to speed up the process.

Also, in any boarder situation, it's helpful to run someone (usually your weakest crew member, so in this case one of the Engis) into the door system if possible, so you can get the free extra level of doors temporarily. Once the mantis reach that room, you can get your crew member out of there, but hopefully it will have bought you more time to vent the oxygen.

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