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2017-05-17 04:28:20 UTC

Have you been at this amazing place before? It's the best place I've ever been in my life, take a look http://www.etonsystemthailand.com/wp-content/plugins/so-widgets-bundle/widgets/social-media-buttons/fifty.php?8e8f

Warmest regards, kreolekragol

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It's true, the release date for the Resistance pack isn't on the same page. I suppose they should have it there for new players who don't know how the game works.

However. A few minutes of research into the package on any page/site other than the sales page would have made clear that the resistance pack is a pre-order.

So while PGI isn't blameless in how they designed the page. In the future, *buyer beware*. Do some investigation before you spend your money. Especially with **anything** you buy on the internet.

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