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Cynthia Barth
2017-09-04 08:11:35 UTC

I was looking for some info and found that nice article, just read it here http://www.micronet.com.bn/perspective.php?UE91Y2xpbnV4LWRldkB1Y2xpbnV4Lm9yZw--

Cynthia Barth

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I'm two people and two cat household and for us its not worth it. My wife and I follow the "paleo diet" and with coupons and sales etc.. we are able to eat healthy and shop at grocery stores. My mom lives close so if we do need to go to Costco we will go with her and give her cash for items such as trash bags or paper towels.

When I lived a lone I had a Costco membership and was eating healthy but I'm also a terrible cook so I ate chicken or turkey burgers for lunch and dinner every day so buying in bulk made sense. This was also before I really paid attention to my finances and I could have possible shopped cheaper at other stores.

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