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Marcella Munoz
2017-09-04 08:11:35 UTC
Hello friend,

I've seen that interesting products recently, you'll definitely love it. Simply take a look http://www.neuvelles.cl/stance.php?UE91Y2xpbnV4LWRldkB1Y2xpbnV4Lm9yZw--

Best regards, Marcella Munoz

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If you ever buy Borderlands 2, you **have** to get the GOTY, otherwise you'll end up like me and my friend and buy the GOTY version after buying the original game (which is still a better deal than that borderline scam of a season pass) and waste your money. Some of the DLC quests are better than the original game and if you don't get them, you'll just regret it once you finish the game and want more.

**Important note** : If you do get the GOTY for borderlands 2, the DLCs will be available as soon as you start the game. DO NOT go to Hunter's Grotto or Unassuming Docks before finishing the game, those locations will trigger a cutscene that contains a major spoiler since you're supposed to finish the main story before going there.

As for Borderlands 1, I got bored pretty quickly with it, the story is pretty much inexistant so the only good part is its gameplay, so I'd only get it if you have friends to play with, and not care about the DLCs either. I'd say skip it entirely, you won't miss out on anything and the overall quality is miles away from the sequel.

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