Fw: any ideas?
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Lillian Begay
2017-07-13 17:25:32 UTC

I'm writing an article and I need some new ideas, can you take a look at it and tell me your ideas http://galeriasektor1.pl/frame.php?f2f3

My best to you, Lillian Begay

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Well, today was kinda good for me and bad for me too. I had my first drink at 18 and I could tolerate my biological mother, and enjoy my smile. I think I laughed at my cat for like 3 minutes. She was literally just walking around, nothing special. Now, I am writhing in bed. I took my last Norco that I've been on since June, and I'm not getting any more. Funny how it happened on New Years, right? If anyone could help get this awful chalky feeling in my throat out, tell me. It's like deep-throating dead dick. I might turn into an alcoholic for the next couple of days, trying to forget about opium altogether. I was gonna go to a friends house and distract myself to get me through it, but I can't even sleep properly now. Found out CIV V was on sale on Steam, and I think I know what I'll be doing during withdrawals instead. Sometimes holidays are better off just being regular days passing by. It doesn't invalidate their purpose, but makes them less meaningful so you don't have to pretend to have fun, or deal with people who make you squeamish. Despite them being family or close friends, it's more enlightening to enjoy a holiday your way for once. It shows the inner pleasure and the temperament to reach out for it.

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