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Ronda Leyva
2017-07-30 18:19:31 UTC

Thank you so much for the info you've recently sent to me, it was really helpful, in case you forgot read it here http://www.kriez.biz/sunny.php?2322

My Best, Ronda Leyva

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The grandest neckbeard I have ever encountered was "named" Pony. Shit you not. You could probably guess he fit all the stereotypes. MLP pins on his fedora, long black trench coat. I saw him and heard about him, never got close of enough to meet him (because cooties). It was when I was going to CC for gen ed classes. You could certainly fucking hear him in the cafeteria. He mostly argued with his friends about MTG. One of them wore a wizard hat, and my friend and I called him Wizard. But no one could compare to Pony. That cane-carrying bad-ass motherfucker.

Edit: Pony called himself Pony. My friend and I were the only ones that called Wizard Wizard.

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