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Edna Corona
2017-09-24 17:14:36 UTC

Just have a look at that new store, they have got so many cool things, there is also an extremely nice on-line store http://www.jiffy.express/least.php?UE91Y2xpbnV4LWRldkB1Y2xpbnV4Lm9yZw--

Edna Corona

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I've seen this discussed here before - I haven't read the book, but I think Tendulkar just forgot about the 2 over innings change. The discussion seems to be about leaving 15 overs to bowl at the opponent at the end of the day. Tendulkar seems to have interpreted this as declaring with 15 overs left in the day, whereas Dravid is the one who is correct in declaring earlier. If anything, Dravid gave Tendulkar an *extra* over to get to his 200, and Tendulkar still didn't get there. India should have declared with 17 overs left in the day to ensure 15 could be bowled. I think Dravid was being generous, and Tendulkar was being the dick.

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